austin, texas fence staining

Fence staining is one of the last, but perhaps one of the most important elements when it comes to installing a new fence. The stain applied not only makes the fence look great, but it will significantly enhance and prolong the life and help against bad weather. And not just thunderstorms, it’s sometimes forgotten how dangerous the sun can be to simple things like your property. Let our Austin fence staining contractors come out and give you an estimate for staining. An easy way to add value to your home and community. Here are a few of our services and options for staining:

  • Fence Staining
  • Garage Door
  • Decks & Pergolas
  • Window Shutters
  • Playground Equipment

We provide professionals to the Austin area that come with experience and skill to handle any job. A quick stain makeover to your fence or your garage will make the home look like new! We have various stain colors and will be happy to provide samples, as well as instant quotes depending on the size of the project. Our customer service trained contractors, will be more than willing to provide advice to discuss what stains go with which type of wood. This is your project, so we want to make sure that you pick out the best product…at the best price!

It’s important again to remember that one of the main reasons why fence stain colors Austin TX is so important, is to protect the wood from water, sunlight, and other outdoor elements. Which is very different from a paint, which will only coat the surface and provide mild protection. While not required, we recommend to every customer that you re-stain every 1-2 years. This ensures that the stain continues to help protect the wood. And, staining the fence again will always be cheaper than replacing it!

Go ahead and give us a call, and we guarantee that we will beat any price on staining in the Austin area. We will always stand by our work, and one aspect that sets us above the rest…we are genuinely excited for every project that comes our way!

Call us today to discuss our options and pricing. We now have discounts for new home owners! As well as discounts for senior citizens and members of our military. 

Each project and job can be different, so our contractors are trained and skilled in many areas when it comes to staining with a  brush, or with a sprayer. Our techniques are first-class and will not disappoint! Each type of wood absorbs stain differently, so just another important aspect that we make sure we go over with every client when planning. We offer both water based and oil based stains.

We also understand that any type of construction site can be both dangerous and messy. And when it’s on your property, you deserve a company that treats it like their own. We go to every length possible to ensure the cleanliness and precision from our work. This means covering pools, plants, other items in the yard, and of course shielding and protecting your neighbors from the same possibilities.