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Welcome to Fence Repair Austin TX. A full service company locally owned and operated, providing not only fence repair, but full fence installation and replacement. Contact us today for a free quote AND a FREE fence sealant with any new fence installation!

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Has your fence, which has served you for a good number of years and now it no longer looks and functions like it initially used to? For some reason, has it fallen over or does it require some serious repair work? Should a windy day or thunderstorm crop up; are you fearful that your fence won’t really make it? Well, you can bid adieu to all these woes and worries as with fence repair Austin by your side, you have absolutely nothing to worry about your fence.

contact us for a Free quote AND free fence sealant with new fence installation

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Our team is dedicated, skilled, experienced and comes with the required training and experience needed to handle all of your major and minor fence repair and replacement projects. We design, replace, overhaul as well as offer professional fence installation for your residential as well as business requirements in Austin, Texas. You can count on us to help you get the best and most resilient fences for your home and business setups. 

It doesn’t matter whether your fence is horizontal or vertical, our experts are skilled and experienced enough to come up with custom designs that blend well with the specific look and privacy needs of your home or workplace. Austin fence supply will bring you help and guidance by providing assistance for a wide range of services.

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world class wood fencing

Looking to add a wood fencing around your house? We help construct dependable and resilient wood fences with the best materials available in the market. We possess the best construction mechanisms that ensure we build a long-lasting fence. We first begin by constructing a framework for the wood fencing project.

Our team gives you a glimpse of an array of colors, styles and superior quality woods you can pick from. This makes it easier to create a personalized fence that blends in seamlessly with your home or business layout.

This way, you can come up with a personalized fencing structure while staying well within the range of your budget. With us, you can be sure of quality, affordability and excellent customer experience at all times. 

Quick...Affordable Fence Repair

Daily wear and tear do take a massive toll on your concrete and fencing. When this happens, especially if you want to make sure things do not take a turn for the worse, get in touch with our fence repair Austin TX contractors and we see that we perform all the work for you in a successful and seamless manner.

Our qualified and friendly staff in Austin, Texas, is sure to assist you and we make sure you’re your fencing looks as good as new again. We have the right knowledge and expertise to tackle and fix missing planks, cracked and fissured concrete and even rusted and corroded metal fencing. Picket fence Austin make sure you have nothing to complain about and make you feel that you never had any issues with your fencing to begin with.

Sometimes the damage done to your fencing is beyond fixing. In such scenarios, you have little choice but to go in for a replacement. Whether your post is leaning or a certain section needs securing, we help diagnose and get to the root of the problem so that you obtain a fence you can be proud of all over again.
We have been in this business for quite a few years now. You can be certain that we possess the resources as well as the know-how to get the job done the right way and that too the first time itself. We do whatever it takes to save your fence and work towards extending the shelf life of your fence in all the ways we know how to. Services also now include invisible fence Austin.
At the same time, our team is also quick to inform you when the damage is total so that you do not waste any more of your time and money on working on it. Following this, we provide you with the best course of action that helps you replace and install fencing in the best way possible again. 

Fence Staining

If you are wondering why do you need this service in the first place, we have news for you. When a stain is applied to your fence, it acts as a barrier against moisture and prolongs the fence’s lifespan by safeguarding it from rot and boring insects. Other than this, it also adds a fresh pop of color to a graying fence.

With us, you can be sure that we are experts in this aspect as well. So whether you need to stain a brand new fence or are re-staining an old one, we have all the tips and tricks up our sleeve to make sure your fences last longer. We have been installing, replacing and staining fences in Austin and the surrounding areas in an impeccable and successful manner. Our content customers are proof of the fact that we are good at what we do. 

It is our unrelenting commitment to quality customer service that gives us a better edge over our competitors. This helps us offer our services to all kinds of customers. Whether you need a fence for privacy, decorative or security purposes, you can rest assured that our team guides you through all of the procedures and processes, right from purchasing materials, to installation and reconstruction work by fence contractor Austin TX.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call if you experience any fencing issues under the sun in Austin, Texas. We will see to it that the fencing fix or installation occurs in a professional and efficient manner. 

First Class Central Texas Fencing

Whether you need a fence for pool safety or to maintain your privacy, to see that your dog or pet stays within your property premises or just to outline your yard or garden, you can surely count on us fencing professionals for sturdy construction and prompt installation.

We are one of the most prominent fencing professionals in Austin, Texas, and hence, we have the expertise, skill, and knowledge to help you every step of the way to make sure you get what you are looking for.

We make it a point to listen attentively to what you are looking for and accordingly help you create a mesmerizing environment for your home or commercial project. No matter how big or irreparable the problem looks, you can trust us to help you through it all in the best way possible. 

Here at Fence Repair Austin TX, we do not provide full iron fence installation or replacement. We do however offer iron fence repairs. So if your gate isn’t closing fully, or your latch is working correctly then we will be happy to do these and other repairs. Along with our fence staining service, we can also paint and stain your iron fence. A popular option in new communities these days, the color can often fade quickly in the hot Texas sun. 

You can also enjoy peace of mind knowing that all of the materials we use offer our customers the best fencing applications that are sure to last a long time. When fencing a property, gates are a prerequisite for access. This is why our representative arrives at your place beforehand and gladly assists you in finding out which application is the most suitable for your specific situation.
We handle your concerns and we make sure that we go above and beyond making sure all your needs and wants are sorted in the best way possible so that you have the fence you are truly happy with.